Medical Seating

Since SEERS Medical was founded in 2008, the company has always offered some basic chairs and stools to complement its range of medical furniture. Due to the increasing demand from customers to provide a complete range of clinical and patient seating, SEERS has developed a dedicated medical seating range to meet these growing requirements. In this brochure SEERS presents many new designs as well as a number of other complementary medical seating products that we distribute, providing a varied choice of models and options for various medical procedures and examinations. Our many years of experience and knowledge in the manufacturing of upholstered products ensures that we continuously produce the highest quality and most cost effective solutions for all models together with an excellent customer support and prompt service. All vinyl covered products feature waterproof, anti-bacterial upholstery as standard. The foot height control option is available on many of our chairs and stools, providing hands free operation and therefore minimising infection control issues.



Dual Curve Medical Stools

The dual curve medical stools feature an ergonomically designed seat pad, the curvature and static tilt of the seat
encourages pelvic tilt, prevents slouching and promotes positive posture. An ideal suturing stool for clinical environments
such as Delivery Suites, Theatres and A&E Departments, where the clinician is required to work in close proximity to the
patient during these procedures. The foot height control option provides hands free height adjustment during these

Models: MC6168, MC6169


Round Medical Stools

The clinical stool range has been designed to offer the clinician a variety of seat options, promoting optimum posture
during various procedures. The stools are suitable for use in a wide range of clinical environments. The standard model
provides a height range of 45cm to 59cm and the high model provides a height range of 54cm to 74cm. High models are
supplied with an adjustable foot support ring as standard. The foot height control options provides hands free height

Models: MC6164, MC6165


Square Medical Stools

These models provide the clinician with the option of a square seat pad promoting positive posture by allowing the legs
to fall on either side of the seat corners, thus enabling the clinician to work in close proximity to the patient during an
examination or procedure.

Models: MC6166, MC6167


Deluxe Saddle Chairs

The Deluxe Saddle Chairs are commonly used in Sonography, Dentistry and Surgical environments. The ergonomic design
promotes positive posture by encouraging pelvic tilt whilst the user straddles the stool with both feet firmly on the floor
and body weight is distributed through the thighs. The 2 lever mechanism operates and adjusts the seat height and
tilt. All models feature a polished aluminium five star base and castors, with option of foot height control. An optional
matching back support is also available if required.

Models: MC6107, MC6108


Saddle Stools

The new Coccyx Saddle Stool has a cut-out at the rear of the stool to reduce tail-bone pressure and pain during long
seated procedures. The curved seat pad design provides a similar ergonomic seated position to the general saddle stool.
Both the standard and the coccyx stools have a similar design to the deluxe saddle chairs, designed to encourage positive
posture throughout seated procedures. The 2 lever mechanism operation provides independent adjustment for the seat
height and tilt. All models feature a polished aluminium five star base and castors.

Models: MC6144, MC6145, MC6147


Concept Procedures Chair

The new Concept Procedures Chair features a moulded seat and backrest structure that is easy to clean and additionally,
the high density seamless seat and backrest pads can be easily removed for cleaning. A spring loaded tilt mechanism
enables the seat to be either fixed at angles through +10° to -5° or it can be used in an unlocked position to provide a freefloating
position to permit ergonomic movement without strain during various medical procedures such as Dentistry. The
backrest additionally has a spring loaded auto-return with the same free-floating facility.

Models: MC7210, MC7211


Contoured Medical Chair

A versatile chair with a contoured seat pad and raised front to promote positive posture whilst seated. The 3 lever
mechanism provides independent positioning of the backrest angle, seat pad tilt and chair height. The contoured
backrest is ergonomically designed to provide lumbar support for the operator and has the option of foot height control.

Models: MC7212, MC7213


General Medical Chairs

Suitable for a wide range of medical procedures, these chairs provide comfort and support for clinicians sitting for long
periods. The deep padded round seat features a pressure reducing foam membrane and in combination with the fully
adjustable backrest, promotes good posture and comfort. There is a choice of standard or a high model with foot support
ring and additionally there is an option of foot height control for hands free height operation.

Models: MC6178, MC6179


Surgeons & Sonographers Chairs

The surgeons and sonographers chairs feature an ergonomically designed seat pad and smaller backrest that will not
impede the movement of the arm during scans and procedures. The curvature design and seat pad adjustment encourages
pelvic tilt, prevents slouching and promotes positive posture. The chair is standard with a small, compact base to reduce
trip hazards and features a wipe clean upholstered underside.

Models: MC6168, MC6169


Laboratory Chairs & Stools

Designed for use within laboratories or clean room environments. Backrests and seat pads are all manufactured using
hard wearing chemical resistant polyurethane. All chairs and stools are height adjustable and can be fitted with optional
foot height control and a wide choice of castors.

Models: MC6111, MC6112, MC6113, MC6114, MC6115, MC6116


Multi Procedures Chair

Ideally suited for Operating Suites, Ultrasound, Dentistry and Ophthalmic Departments. The 360° swing around arm
provides the clinician with an armrest or torso support, using a single movement and offering additional stability during
procedures. The ratchet system allows the armrest to be adjusted towards or away from the clinician, providing the user
with a variety of options for different procedures. The height of the arm can also be adjusted, ideal if it is being used to
support the torso. The backrest models provide additional support and comfort. All models are available with a foot
height control as an option.

Models: MC6160, MC6161, MC6162, MC6163


Ophthalmology Chair

The chair has a low seat height for patient mount and dismount and the hydraulic height adjustment enables the clinician
to alter the position of the seated patient to the desired height before carrying out procedures and examinations. The
arms provide maximum support for the patient as they mount and dismount the chair. The swivel action of the chair
can be locked for the patients safety during examinations. The fully adjustable headrest can also be removed for certain

Models: MC6172


Fixed Height Phlebotomy Chair

The fixed height phlebotomy chair is a high quality blood sampling chair with multi-directional armrests. A practical
and easy to use chair for busy clinical environments. The fixed height chair has a static seat height at 45cm. Integral arm
supports on each side assist the patient in mounting and dismounting the chair. These models are available with a choice
of single or dual phlebotomy armrests.

Models: MC6156, MC6157


Hydraulic Phlebotomy Chair

The hydraulic height adjustable phlebotomy chair enables the operator to easily and accurately position the patient
for blood sampling procedures. The chair is a compact and space saving alternative to electrically operated chairs and
couches. Supplied with a sturdy base on glides (static feet) or with several castor options. Integral arm supports are fitted
as standard to assist the patient in mounting and dismounting the chair. The chair has a height range of 49cm to 63cm.
These models are available with a choice of single or dual phlebotomy armrests.

Models: MC6154, MC6155


Mobile Phlebotomy Chair

Designed for treatment rooms where the chair can be easily moved if required. Incorporates both an adjustable angle
backrest and footrest to facilitate patient positioning during phlebotomy procedures. The shaped armrests have height
and directional adjustment. The chair also features integral IV pole housing in the event IV infusions are required.

Models: MC6153


Patient Relaxation & Transport Chair

Designed for patient relaxation and transport, this easy chair has 125mm castors (2 braked castors) and is easily moved
using the integral push-pull handle located on the backrest. The synchronised backrest and footrest adjustment facilitates
patient positioning. Padded armrests fold down for improved patient transfer. The drop-down footrest can be folded
away behind the leg rest section or raised upwards to support the lower limbs if required.

Models: MC6181, MC6182


Electric Patient Relaxation Chair

This fully motorised chair incorporates electric backrest and foot section adjustment, seat height and tilt. The 125mm
castors are rear locking to provide stability. The padded armrests fold-down to improve access for patient transfer.
Revolving, foldaway footrest plates provide patient comfort and support. The chair also incorporates a built in battery
charger with rechargeable batteries and the power cable has a built-in winder. There is an integral fixing for the addition
of an optional IV pole. The headrest is fully adjustable and removable.

Models: MC6183


Day Clinic Procedures Chair

The Day Clinic Procedures Chair features electric height and trendelenburg tilt operation with hand switch control. Both
the backrest and the foot section have manual power assisted angular adjustment. The contoured armrests have multiangular
movement ideal for Phlebotomy and other upper limb procedures. The chair has an easy to clean base shroud
and has central locking castors for ease of manoeuvrability.

Models: MC6186



Designed for use in all ENT and Ophthalmology departments this chair has electric hand operated height adjustment and
provides a precise and step-less seat height. Armrests provide the patient with comfort and support as well as assisting in
mounting and dismounting the chair. An adjustable high backrest and optional head support provide extra comfort and
positioning for the patient during long and various procedures. There is the option to have foot pressure switches fitted
to the base for height adjustment and the chair has large wheels with 2 braked for security.

Models: MC6170


VELA Surgeons Chair

This Surgeons Chair has been designed to provide optimal positioning and comfort for the surgeon whilst performing
minor procedures. Multi-adjustable, lockable armrests are designed for micro surgery. The ergonomic and padded
armrest design promotes optimal support and prevents shoulder and arm strain. The adjustable seat and backrest provide
optimal support to pelvis, back and lumbar area. Height operation is controlled by foot pressure switches built into the
foot support board for ease of access and operation. Additional foot switches can be added to the chair base if required.

Models: MC6173


VELA Examination Chair

Designed for radiology and ENT where ease of movement and positioning is required. The ergonomic adjustable seat
and backrest ensures that patients are seated comfortably. Adjustable armrests provide comfort and support, as well
as assisting in patient mount and dismount. The electric hand operated height adjustment provides a precise and stepless
seat height and the backrest can be removed for patient positioning if required. Large wheels and a central braking
system ensures maximum safety and stability for both patients and clinicians.

Models: MC6174


VELA Mammography Chair

Designed to provide a safe and efficient examination facility for the benefit of both the patient and the radiographers.
The transport handle and smooth running wheels make it easy to move the seated patient into the correct position close
to the scanning equipment. The forward seat tilt ensures that the breast can be positioned on the scanners plates and
seat height is easily adjusted via an electric hand control. The backrest, seat, fold-down foot support, armrests and central
braking system provide the patient with a comfortable, secure and stable seated position for these procedures.

Models: MC6175


Sit to Stand Patient Recliner

This ergonomically designed sit to stand patient recliner provides maximum patient support, comfort and safety. The
trio lift facility (10°, 20° and 30°) raises the patient for hoisting and transfers and the dual motor assists the patient to
stand and sit safely. The independent backrest optimises patient positioning. Integral pressure reducing cushions evenly
distribute the patients body weight, reducing the risk of pressure ulcers and maintaining skin integrity. The powered
tilt–in-space action minimises shear and friction, promotes micro movements and weight distribution and encourages
patient independence. The chair has a safe working load of 225Kg and the foot section has a lifting capacity of 57Kg.

Models: MC6191


Mobile Patient Recliner

Designed to provide easy transfer from room to room, the mobile patient recliners feature 4 large multi-directional
braked castors and an ergonomically positioned hand bar, enabling carers to manoeuvre the chair whilst maintaining a
neutral position. A multi-positional manual self-locking leg support facilitates patient positioning and pressure reducing
cushions allow even pressure distribution and assist in the prevention of pressure ulcers. The recliner is available in a wide
choice of anti-bacterial, washable vinyl’s and has a safe working load of 160Kg. A wide range of vinyl colours and fabrics
are available on request.

Models: MC6192


Bariatric Patient Recliner

The bariatric recliner features a safe working load of 260Kg (40 Stone) and has been ergonomically designed to
accommodate most body shapes, providing maximum patient comfort, support and safety. Pressure reducing cushions
allow even distribution of pressure and may reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development. The powered leg lift has a
safe working load of 140Kg (22 Stone) and supports the patient when raising the lower limbs and increases circulation.
The powered backrest assists in optimising patient positioning and comfort. The bariatric recliner is compatible with
overhead and gantry hoists.

Models: MC6193


Custom Comfort Recliner

Designed for individual patient comfort and promotion of independence, these daily living recliners feature a tilt-in-space
action that maximises weight distribution, limiting shear and friction and promotes micro movements. The varied seat
height, widths and depth are ergonomically designed to accommodate most body shapes. The independent powered
leg lift supports the patient when raising the lower limbs and increases circulation. The recliner is hoist compatible and
features low friction locking castors. Custom made models are available with a safe working load of 160Kg.

Models: MC6194


Community Lounge Chairs

The Day Clinic Procedures Chair features electric height and trendelenburg tilt operation with hand switch control. Both
the backrest and the foot section have manual power assisted angular adjustment. The contoured armrests have multiangular
movement ideal for Phlebotomy and other upper limb procedures. The chair has an easy to clean base shroud
and has central locking castors for ease of manoeuvrability.

Models: MC7110, MC7112, MC7113


General Care Chairs

This hard wearing range of patient chairs is FIRA tested to severe contract standard for strength and stability. Wooden
frames are stained and polished to severe contract standard using antibacterial lacquer. Upholstery is designed to
minimise seams and stapling. Seat cushions are reversible for product longevity with pressure relief seat foam available
as an option.

Models: MC7114, MC7115, MC7116, MC7117


Lounge & Tubs Chairs

A distinctive range of beech wood framed chairs designed for community, reception and conference areas. These tub
chairs are fully upholstered and available with a wide choice of colours in either fabric or vinyl upholstery.

Models: MC7131, MC7132, MC7133, MC7134, MC7135


Woodbridge Reception Room Chairs

A distinctive range of beech wood framed chairs designed for busy reception and conference areas. This fully upholstered
collection has a choice of fabric or vinyl upholstery and is available with or without armrests. The range includes stacking
and low reception chair models with matching table and stool options available.

Models: 6294, 6296, 6297, 6298, 6310, 6311, 6312, 6313


Reception Sofa's & Armchairs

SEERS offers a wide range of sofa’s, available in single, two and three seater options. Here we present the samples of the
Wickham and Whitton range of armchairs and sofas. Further details on all configurations, models and fabrics are available
on request.

Models: MC7140, MC7141, MC7142, MC7143, MC7144, MC7145


Optional Accessories

Some chairs have further optional accessories available - please contact us for further details. Note some of the accessories are supplied as standard with specific chairs, so please ensure you check before purchasing your chosen product as all other options come at an additional cost.

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