SEERS Ultrasound Couch

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Providing smooth electric positioning of height, tilt and backrest angle, this couch features a compact base frame and is ideal for both supine and seated procedures. The Deluxe model includes the base frame shroud and a matching operators chair. The new SM9696 models also feature electric footrest for effortless patient positioning.

Medicare Ultrasound Couch - Model Choices

SM9686 - Ultrasound couch with electric 3 motor height, tilt and backrest operation
SM9686D - Deluxe Ultrasound couch with base shrouding and matching operators chair

SM9696 - Ultrasound couch with electric 4 motor height, tilt, backrest and footrest operation
SM9696D - Deluxe Ultrasound couch with base shrouding and matching operators chair


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Standard Model Specification

  • Safe working load and lifting capacity (from minimum height) of 240kgs (528lbs = 37.7 stone)
  • Electric positioning for height, tilt and backrest operation
  • Adjustable angle backrest from horizontal to +85 degrees positive
  • Adjustable angle footrest from horizontal to -90 degrees negative
  • Supplied with paper roll holder and matching head cushion
  • Excellent height range from 50-102cm (19”-39”)
  • Compact frame design with retractable wheel system
  • Adjustable foot for stability on uneven surfaces
  • Purpose made precision bearings on all pivot points
  • Hand switch (triple or quad) fitted as standard
  • Standard width 65cm (25”)
  • Choice of upholstery colours

Optional Couch Accessories

  • Model 6052 Protective base frame shrouding
  • Model 6209 Triple foot switch operation
  • Model 6210 Quad foot switch operation
  • Model 6057 Battery back-up facility
  • Model 6045 Leg supports for gynaecology procedures
  • Model 6044 Lithotomy stirrups
  • Model 6054 IV Pole
  • Model 6100 Matching operators chair
  • Model 6004 Breathing hole and plug for prone treatments
  • Model 6041 Side support loops

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