Upholstery Colours


Mundial Range

A really hard wearing ‘Leather look’ vinyl that will retain its durability for many years if cleaned and treated in the correct manner. This fabric is fire retardant to Crib 5, anti-bacterial and waterproof. Abrasion resistance to 100,000 cycles.


Fresh Range

A contemporary range of vibrant, modern vinyl colours that will retain their looks for many years if cleaned and treated in the correct manner. This fabric is fire retardant to crib 5 and additionally complies with the M2 standard. Fresh is an anti-bacterial and waterproof vinyl with an abrasion resistance to 50,000 cycles.

Diabolo Range

Diabolo is a hard wearing vinyl with a softer feel than the Mundial range of fabrics. The Diabolo range is fire retardant to Crib 5 and additionally complies to the French M1 standard. Diabolo is anti-bacterial, waterproof and has an abrasion resistance to 50,000 cycles. We also now offer the SEERSComfortPlus™ Upholstery, SEERSComfortPlus™ Upholstery is featured on all Deluxe models within the Innovation range, incorporating anti-bacterial vinyl and pressure relieving design for additional patient comfort and comes in a range of Diabolo colours. However, standard models can be upgraded to the Diabolo upholstery vinyl at an additional cost.

Upholstery Vinyl Specification

  • Flame Retardant - BS5852 Crib 5 IMO FTPC Part 8, Cal 117, M2, B1
  • Anti-bacterial - Will not support microbial or fungal growth including Salmonella, E Coli and MRSA
  • Waterproof - Water or oil based solutions will not penetrate or absorb into the fabric; Hydrostatic Head BS3424 > 1 meter
  • Martindale abrasion - End point > 100,000
  • Tear strength - BS4303 Severe Contract Grade
  • Breaking strength - BS2576:1988
  • Stain resistant - Excellent stain removal has been observed for grease, ink, blood, urine, coffee, iodine, betadine, ketchup, chewing gum, chocolate, grape juice